About Us

Metropolis and ACM have created an exclusive record label initiative called Metropolis Blue, which is designed to support all students who want to release music.

Metropolis Blue is run entirely by the students, for the students, across all pathways, and is split into divisions and roles to reflect the workings of a real working label. From A&R to PR, design, promotion, booking, law, and more, there is a role for everyone – ensuring that our students are learning by doing, in line with the ACM ethos.

We work hand in hand with all major labels and distributors, as well as platforms such as Spotify, enabling us to have a direct and consistent link into industry.

Each division of the label has a real- life industry mentor, and we hold regular Metropolis Blue workshops and masterclasses for the team so they receive expert guidance, knowledge, and experience from a plethora of real- life working professionals.

Metropolis Blue is a truly fantastic incubator for both creative and business talent.

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