Behind The Scenes of ‘Break Another Heart’

July 5, 2021 - Jamie HayesBlog

Any single campaign will have several hurdles to overcome in order to have a successful release. Over the past months, we worked with Alyssa Palmer with a team spread across three ACM campuses and three different countries! If you want the low down on release teams at MetBlue then you’re in the right place. So strap in as our Campus Lead and release manager Sophie McCarthy talks us through everything ‘Break Another Heart’.

We first formed a group around Alyssa in March and set up weekly group meetings that took place each Monday. The first obstacle in the marathon of this release was the fact that Alyssa was living in her childhood home in Wolverhampton. A location that was a solid three and a half hours by car away from London. Work was still needed on the track, including a re-record of the vocal top line, but studio space was virtually non-existent. By using an offshoot of ACM’s ‘Campus In A Box’ initiative, we were able to get a mic and recording equipment delivered to Alyssa’s door. Haza! 

Vocals recorded. Next on our list was getting the final mix finished and ready to be sent off to Metropolis Studios for mastering. This is often a process that people think is a quick and easy job but from my experience running MetBlue, this has always taken more time than initially expected. Remember, there is little point in mastering a mix that you aren’t completely happy with.

Once we sent the track off itself, the exciting things surrounding content planning took centre stage. Julie Jezkova was instrumental in assisting Alyssa with content creation & planning in weekly meetings. The initiative she brought to the table was a huge driving force in the success of the campaign. PR meetings were held, culminating in airtime on BBC Introducing and the stats post release on Spotify were also encouraging. 

The jewel in the release crown for ‘Break Another Heart’ was the livestream filmed in CaasparX Studios, Birmingham. The entire day was a blast and Alyssa brought her A-game including some relaxed funk and soulful vibes.

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